Hometown: Born in Milwaukee WI. Later moved to and attended school in the Oostburg/Cedar Grove Area. Vern currently resides in Sheboygan, WI.

How long have you been working in the art field? I have been tattooing for about 3 years. I started in 2010 at Greenseed Studios in Sheboygan. I have worked at a few other places while working at Greenseed, but I've been primarily based there. I have attended no formal schooling however.

Influences as an artist? What makes you keep loving what you do? I am definitely inspired by nature for all of my paintings and personal art. Tattooing as a job is very fulfilling in itself. Every day is something new and usually exciting. Listening to people and the things they like enough to put on their bodies forever can be very interesting.

Describe your inspiration for your board graphic. This graphic is my personal perspective of my drive home from work and the Wisconsin scenery I pass along the way.

Thoughts and goals for working with Amity Skateboards? I am very excited to see where Amity goes! Of course I hope the artwork is heavily accepted and liked over all. I hope for success for everyone and satisfaction from the people who choose to ride and support it.

Exhibits/Shows/Endeavors you have or will be undertaking? Nothing major planned. You can check me out at Greenseed Studios, 1011 Indiana Ave, Sheboygan, WI, or on the web at www.greenseedstudios.com. I also have a Facebook page with more of my artwork displayed!