Daniel Rathbun

Hometown: I was born in Santa Fe, but I was raised in Tesuque and Las Cruces, NM. I previously lived in Chicago for 15 years before moving to rural Wisconsin in 2007. 

How long have you been working in the art field? I didn’t attend an art school or have any training. I learned how to make paper cuttings out of boredom at the last two jobs I had in Chicago. I was encouraged by friends in the early 2000’s and from that I began taking it more seriously around 2005, however I didn’t show my work publicly until 2013. 

Influences as an artist? What makes you keep loving what you do? I really love mythology, folklore and symbolism. Turn of the century silhouette art is something I look at and research weekly. It plays a huge role in creating my own work. I also draw a lot from old children’s stories and nursery rhymes. 

Describe your inspiration for your board graphic. The very last deck I owned as a teenager was a 1989 John Lucero Emergency Cross model. I really loved that board and I chose to represent it in my design with a positive and negative symbol. I had to come up with a long, thin design and I immediately thought of a squid. Knowing that I was using a “+” and a “-“ in the design, I pretty much went straight for a battle with a whale. 

Thoughts and goals for working with Amity Skateboards?  Living just north of Sheboygan, and owning the Zak Worth board, I already knew a little about Amity. I was very excited when Amity approached me to design a board for them. It’s great when a company sources their local pool of talent instead of jobbing out generic designs. I can’t wait to see what other artists are down the road.  

Exhibits/Shows/Endeavors you have or will be undertaking? There are few tentative things this summer. You can check  
www.danielrathbun.com to see when things come up and I post regularly on my Instagram @paperslicer account.