Here are some of the things we are doing when we are not producing the best skateboards this side of the Rio Grand.

Thanks to everyone who donated skateboards. It really made some kids happy.

Skate club

We have partnered up with the Boys and Girls club and started "skate club". Every wednesday at 1:30 we get together and watch kids fall down. We all have a passion to work with kids and we all know how skating, being outside and all around physical activity has positively influenced our lives. Every week we walk away with smiles on our faces mirrored by the smiles on the faces of all our awesome kids. Skating has the unique ability to be an individual sport in the way that you alone are responsible for advancement and you feel like you alone own your achievements, as well as creating a  community attitude with friends who help push you further and encourage you to expand and not become stagnant. Skating provides a great way to build confidence and nurture humility at the same time. We have been really impressed with the progression and attitudes of all the kids And look forward to our time with them every week. In fact we love it so much and have had such great success that we are looking to expand to include art and music in the not to distant future.


Supporting local artists and musicians

We believe there is a common thread between the arts and individual sports like skateboarding. A big part of what we want to accomplish with Amity is to find ways of collaborating with all the creative minds in our community and beyond.  We see an abundance of skill and creative vision out there that remains un-noticed. Finding ways to cross promote and help share these talented peoples work is very important to us. So please make sure you check out our artists page as it continues to grow.  


Our friends band Geena playing at our go skate day event

Getting the trash in the hard to reach places

Skatepark cleanups

Who wants to skate in a dump? It's simple really. Put your trash in a can. But if you can't figure that out we'll be there to do it for you.  We will be organizing skatepark clean ups at various times throughout the year. Stop by and help us out. Or just take a few minutes out of your session to pick up some rubbish at your local park.