Hometown?  Born and raised in Sheboygan.

How long have you been working in the art field?  I've been drawing and interested in the arts for as long as I can remember. 

Influences as an artist?  Lately, I've been interested in street art and pop surrealism.  I've been digging on works from James Jean, David Choe, Tim Biskup, Barry McGee, Charlie Harper, and Ernst Haeckel.  I like the way Jean and Choe use lavish, intricate designs that are at once delicate and gritty.  Biskup and McGee use bright colors & clean lines that lend a mod feel to make their work "pop".  Haeckel's detailed study of the natural world and Harper's modern depiction of it are both significant sources of inspiration.   I'm also inspired by a wide variety of music; it really fuels my art.   

Describe your inspirations for your board graphic.  I had been working on a series of drawings that were based off the shape of the Flower of Life, a geometric shape found in nature, and used in sacred geometry.  The shape begins as a basic form and can be built upon to create intricate patterns, emulating those in the natural world.  When using this pattern, I hope to impart a meditative state of optimism to those that experience my work. 

Thoughts and goals for working with Amity Skateboards?  I'm really happy to be working with the good folks at Amity.  What they're doing for kids and the community is truly inspirational.  Their positive attitudes and strong community presence embody the good nature that I hope to pass along with my artwork.  I look forward to working more with Amity in the future! 

Exhibits/ Shows/ Endeavors you have or will be undertaking? Recently I've been working with Thumbprint Press out of California to produce a series of large-scale, limited edition silk screen prints. This past year I did the album cover for Rodrigo Amado's Motion Trio with Jeb Bishop's release The Flame Alphabet on Not Two Records.  I hope to produce many new works and to collaborate with more artists in the future.